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Old Age Home

Dear Brahmana Bandhus

SREE LALITHA TRUST, a registered charitable Trust, Puducherry is planning to construct an Old Age Home especially to Brahmins with an intake of 20 couples in the first phase and has made necessary arrangements in procurement of land for construction of old age home with good infrastructure for a healthy living condition.

For this purpose, it is now proposed to purchase 2 or 3 acres of land in a healthy area, with an easy approach to all amenities, where construction of building for inmates, Living hall, centralized Kitchen, garden and Meditation Hall are to be accommodated in the proposed area.

Proposed amenities in the SREE LALITHA HOME FOR THE AGED :
A Lawn for good healthy morning and evening walk,
A hall for Meditation and Spiritual Practices,
A hall for Daily Health Fitness,
A separate Pooja Room for conducting various Pujas
A separate hall for Library
A hall with internet and computers, where inmates can contact with their family members and friends.
A Centralised Kitchen with all amenities
A small Organic Farm, where fresh vegetables can be had for daily cooking
A Goshala to take care of daily Milk to the inmates
A small garden with various flower plants for day to day use
Separate room with attached Bath and Toilet for each couple.

In future as an expansion project, it is decided to start Gurukulam system of Education, to mould the life style of the students as was followed in the vedic periods.  

Please share and contribute the noble cause.

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