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03 May 2014

Putra Kameshti Homam


Puthra Kamesti Yagam / Santhana Gopala Homam is dedicated to Lord Mahavishnu. None other than Lord Maha Vishnu himself bestowed knowledge of this homa on Sanatkumara, who in turn instructed this to sage Bodhayana. It is stated in the Suta Samhita.  Performance of this Homam as ordained in Atharvana Veda fructifies begetting Children, redeeming of all paternal inherited Doshas and blessed with vibrant and prolonged healthy life with the blessings of Narayana.  Vibandaka Maharishi’s son Rishya Singar was the one who helped King Dasharatha conduct the Putra Kameshti Yagam which resulted in the birth of Raama.

It is proposed to Conduct Putra Kameshti Homam by Sree Lalitha Trust® Puducherry on 18/05/2014 at Puducherry for those couples longing for Progeny and the details are here below :-

Important Points to be strictly followed.

1) Those who believe in the traditional Homan and follow Hinduism shall only participate. Strictly no admission for non-believers.

2) Putra Kamesti Homam is organized by Sree Vedic Astrology & Research Institute, Puducherry (A Unit of Sree Lalitha Trust, Puducherry)

3) Intake and participation is restricted to 50 (Fifty) couples only.

4) Participating couples should be present at venue on the Day.

5) Udaga Santhi Homam will be performed on the early hours and hence presence is most important.

6) Homam will be performed for all at a time, and blessed.

7) Participating couples shall remit donation of Rs.2001/- (Rupees two thousand one only) towards administrative, Homam charges, etc.

8) In no case amount remitted will be refunded under any circumstances.

9) The Venue and timings will be intimated to Participating couples in advance by mail, so that they can plan their trip to the venue.

10) Admission to participants is reserved by the Sree Lalitha Trust, Puducherry.

12) Participating couples can remit the amount directly to Trust Account:

Sree Lalitha Trust,
Indian Bank, Ariyankuppam Branch Puducherry 605007
SB A/c No. : 6182067189
IFSC Code : IDIB000A027

For registration CLICK HERE 

If you have queries, please feel free to mail to

Putra Kamesti Homam is organized on No Profit - No Loss basis.