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09 December 2013

Om Shamno Mitrah Sham Varunah

Om Shamno Mitrah Sham Varunah - in sanskrit with meaning - mantra from Upanishad

Om Sham No Mitrah Sham Varunnah |
Sham No Bhavatv-Aryamaa |
Sham No Indro Brhaspatih |
Sham No Vissnnur-Urukramah |
Namo Brahmanne |
Namaste Vaayo |
Tvam-[e]Iva Pratyakssam Brahmaasi |
Tvaam-[e]Iva Pratyakssam Brahma Vadissyaami |
Rrtam Vadissyaami |
Satyam Vadissyaami |
Tan[d]-Maam-Avatu |
Tad-Vaktaaram-Avatu |
Avatu Maam |
Avatu Vaktaaram |
Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih ||

1: Om, May Mitra be Propitious with Us, May Varuna be Propitious with Us,
2: May the Honourable Aryama be Propitious with Us,
3: May Indra and Brihaspati be Propitious with Us,
4: May Vishnu with Long Strides be Propitious with Us,
5: Salutations to Brahman,
6: Salutations to Vayu (the Breath of Purusha),
7: You Indeed are the Visible Brahman,
8: I Proclaim, You Indeed are the Visible Brahman,
9: I Speak about the Divine Truth,
10: I Speak about the Absolute Truth,
11: May That Protect Me,
12: May That Protect the Preceptor,
13: Protect Me,
14: Protect the Preceptor,
15: Om Peace, Peace, Peace.

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