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09 December 2013

Homam - Different types

Homa rituals have been performed by Vedic priests for several millennia. The following is an illustrative list of a few such homa rituals:
Ceremony Purpose
Aayushya homa to ward off evil influences present in a child's life immediately following its birth, thereby ensuring longevity
Mrutyunjaya homa for ward off life threatening situations like accidents and ensure longetivity of life
Dhanavantri homa for good health
Durga homa to cancel negative energies; for self-confidence
Chandi homa For Victory in all endeavors
Gayatri homa to facilitate positive thinking and subsequently performing good karma
Kritya Pariharana to counter the effects of black magic
Ganapati homa to overcome obstacles
Lakshmi Kuberahoma for wealth and material prosperity
Thila homam performed for warding of the evil effects of departed soul.It is performed only once in life time preferably at Rameswaram/ Thrupullani( sethu karai)
Mangala Samskarana homa to celebrate auspicious events; to attain Moksha
Mahadevi homa for the stimulation of a marriage and for marital felicity among those already married
Navagraha homa to appease the Nine planets and limit the evil influences in one's horoscope
Punyahavachana homa for the naming of a child
Sudarshana homa for success in an undertaking
Santhana Gopala homa for blessings for a Child
Rudra homa Getting rid of all negative influences
Vastu homa a house-warming; to encourage good Vastu (energy in buildings)
Vidya homa to benefit students; to facilitate learning
Vishwa Shanthi homa for universal peace and harmony, as also harmony between the self and the universe
Viraja Homa purification rites performed as part of the formal ceremonies by which a person takes the vows of renunciation (Sannyas), thereby becoming a Sanyasi (monk)

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