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09 December 2013

3 Yogas

The three Yogas  :  Karma, Bhakti and Jnana. (Know your right Karma and act Selflessly)

There is another set of three: Karma, Bhakti and Jjnana. The advaita saadhanaa that the Acharya has taught us is the path of Jnana. But the person who wants to go in this path must have purified his mind to such an extent that he should have the capability of one-pointedness (*ekAgratA*); only then he can traverse the path of Jnana. If the mind is full of dirt it cannot go the path of Jnana-saadhanaa. For jnana-yoga the mind has to become one-pointed; a vacillating and vibrating mind cannot hold on to anything.  It is for these twin tasks of purification of mind and of making it one-pointed that the Acharya has prescribed Karma and Bhakti as preliminary to Jnana yoga. T

he prerequisite to starting Jnana yoga are Karma yoga and Bhakti yoga. The barren land of the mind has to be tilled through Karma yoga and then watered through Bhakti yoga. Without this tilling and watering, nothing can be made to grow in that barren land of the mind.  When one keeps on doing his Svadharma, meticulously and according to the Sshastras, the impurities of the mind slowly disappear. When our mind becomes one-pointed in its devotion to the Lord, this training in one-pointedness towards one form leads it to do the one-pointed enquiry into the formless Atman.

Thus when the mind is purified by Karmayoga and gets the habit of one-pointedness by Bhakti yoga, it can easily ascend the steps of Jjnana yoga. Of course I have said it easily; purification of mind by Karma and one-pointedness by Bhakti. But none of these things would seem to happen if one does not know what the right Karma is and what the right Bhakti is.

(Daivathin Kural-- Vol 6- Transalation by Sri. V.Krishnamurthy)

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